Jan van de Poel Drawings
Impression of the drawings
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Drawings (20" x 26") in brush, ink and oil pastel.
Training: Artibus Academy for the Arts, Utrecht NL, class of 1981.

I always have images in my head, from things that come up spontaneously to things I (may) have seen somewhere. Precise images or just vague impressions: I often feel the urge to capture them on paper. The images tend to change rapidly, so the capturing can't take too much time. Therefore my work is sometimes considered "raw" and "in your face".
This is also caused by the subjects and by what viewers see as my strong lines. I usually start right out with brush and ink. Hardly ever do I toss something in the wastebasket before it's done. I go on until it's finished and am frequently surprised by the results: images ending up different from what was in my head, or vague impressions turning out in quite unexpected ways. On to the next project.

I like to be clear and unequivocal in my work. My style of drawing has graphic underpinnings. Feeling is more important than a true-to-life rendering, which often lends a symbolic character to my use of colors.
The subjects of my drawings (and there are hundreds of them) are quite diverse. I limit my techniques, sheet size and palette therefore to end up with a homogeneous overall picture.